History of Covid-19

History of Covid-19

First case of corona virus was notified as cold in 1960. According to the Canadian study 2001, approximately 500 patients were identified as Flu-like system. 17-18 cases of them were confirmed as infected with corona virus strain by polymerase chain reaction. Corona was treated as simple non fatal virus till 2002.

In 2003, various reports published with the proofs of spreading the corona to many countries such as United States America. Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and in Taiwan. Several case of severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by corona. And their mortally more than one-thousand patient was reported in 2003.

This was the black year for microbiologist. When microbiologist was started focus to understand these problems. After a deep exercise they conclude and understand the parthenogenesis of disease and discovered as corona virus. But till total 8096 patient was confirmed as infected with corona virus.

So in 2004, World health organization and centers for disease control and prevention declared as “state emergency”. Another study report of Hong Kong was confirmed 50 patient of severe acute respiratory syndrome while 30 of them were confirmed as corona virus infected.

 In 2012, Saudi Arabian reports were presented several infected patient and deaths. COVID-19 was first identified and isolated from pneumonia patent belongs to Wuhan, china.

Spreading History of COVID-19

On 31 Dec 2019, China, East Asia, most populated country in world was informed to WHO regarding pneumonia cases with unknown etiology.

Till 3 Jan 2020 a total of 44 pneumonia cases were detected. 7 Jan 2020 Chinese research authorities were announced that they were isolated new virus from sea food market in Wuhan city Named as COVID-19.

13 Jan 2020 Ministry of public health Thailand were reported 01 patient imported from Wuhan, China. 15 Jan 2020, the ministry of health, labor and welfare Japan were reported first case imported from Wuhan China.

20 Jan 2020, National IHR Focal point from the Korea was reported first case COVID-19 in Korea. On 23 Jan 2020, United State of America were confirmed first case of COVID-19 in America.

24 Jan 2020, Vietnam has reported First case of COVID-19. with not travel history from China while his family member was the China traveler. So it’s the first incidence of human to human transmission of corona virus.

24 Jan 2020, the government of Singapore was confirmed First case of COVID-19 . 25 Jan 20, the government of Australia, federal democratic republic of Nepal and French republic were confirmed first of COVID-19.

Other countries also were detected and reported the cases of COVID-19 as 26 Jan 2020 (Malaysia). 27 Jan, 2020 (Canada), 28 Jan, 2020 (Cambodia, Germany, Sri Lanka). 29 Jan, 2020 (United Arab Emirates), 30 Jan, 2020 (Philippines, India , Finland). 31 Jan, 2020 (Italy), 1 Feb, 2020 (Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom), 5 Feb, 2020 (Belgium), 6 Feb. 2020 (Japan), 15 Feb. 2020 (Egypt)

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